W. Michael Walz, P.C. - Pot Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ
W. Michael Walz, P.C. - Pot Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ

Client Testimonials

I believe Mr. W. Michael Walz is the best Criminal Marijuana Specialist-Lawyer in the state if not the country. If it was not for Mr. Walz and his secretary Janet I would probably be rotting away in ADOC somewhere unjustly for 4 and ½ years of my life. My suggestion is that if you drive around while there is Marijuana in your system you better have Mr. Walz on speed dial. Red eyes can be probable cause for them to take your blood. Say no and call Mr. Walz first. He is fair, affordable and willing to work with you.

I first contacted Mr. Walz 6 years ago with a case that at the time was something new, Aggravated DUI/Drugs. Mr. Walz told me that because they charged me with the AGG DUI twice (one of them was for the THC in my system, which made it so that if I tried to take it to jury trial I would have to be found guilty, even if I proved that I was not impaired at the time I was pulled over) and my prior record, it would be an uphill battle to get me a plea of 2 ½ years to 4 ½ years. Prison is no place for someone who has not hurt anybody during the course of their crime. I felt I had no other choice but to leave behind everything I’ve known in AZ and run.

Over the next 5 years, I would go live in NYC. Even though I arrived there feeling like one of America’s Most Wanted, I went on to become a manager of a business in mid-town Manhattan, the heart of NYC, all while smoking Marijuana every day. Unfortunately, I returned to AZ to visit my mom in December of 2012 and the day before I was supposed to fly back to the east coast got picked up on my warrant after falling asleep in my buddy‘s car at the Snowbowl ski resort. It felt like fate, it was weird. I felt like this all happened for a reason. After I was bonded out of jail I could have gone straight to the airport but I was sick and tired of running and was resolved to fight the charges.

I was relieved to see that Mr. Walz would to still be representing me and not another public pretender, but he informed me that this would be a very uphill battle no matter what I have accomplished in life, and the fact I ran for so long wasn’t is not going to help any either. However, he reviewed my case and found major discrepancies in the reports. He was appalled by what he saw and took it upon himself to make sure that justice was served in the right way. In the 5 months since I posted my bail and met with Mr. Walz again he has achieved the impossible and got it down from a class 4 felony with 4 ½ years prison down to a misdemeanor with only one month jail.

Mr. Walz and his secretary Janet have gone out of there way to prove my innocence even spending money out their own pockets conducting interviews and getting paper work. Mr. Walz knowledge of Marijuana law is amazing. He has facts on studies that even make Judges blush in amazement, and prosecutors loathe him as an opponent. Mr. Walz has always been professional in the handling of my case and as honest as can be at the time of our meetings. If it was not for Mr. Walz and Janet I would probably would have lost out on 4 years and a half years of my life. THANK YOU MR. MICHAEL WALZ AKA THE POTLAWYER.COM.

- F. Martinez

"He has no equal in this area of law"

"When I was arrested for growing cannabis, I felt my life was over. I had lost my only relief from my chronic pain -- the result of a life-threatening industrial accident. I had lost my only relief from this drudgery. In addition to this dilemma, I faced three felony charges. The most serious was intent to sell. If convicted, I could have received many years of incarceration.

"Without the funds to afford an attorney, I was forced to deal with a public defender. Rather than a trial, she recommended a plea bargain. This was unacceptable, because I felt my medical condition warranted the use of this substance. Overcome with feelings of helplessness and rage, I contacted Michael Walz.

"After I talked to him on the phone, I was confident this was a person dedicated to representing people being persecuted for their use of cannabis. It was obvious that Mr. Walz was not your typical criminal defense attorney. He knew about cannabis litigation inside and out. Not only that, but he was an attorney whose knowledge about cannabis cases went beyond their legal ramifications. Despite my inability to afford his modest fee, he was anxious to accept my cases because it involved the medical use of marijuana.

"During the trial, Mr. Walz dominated the proceedings, from jury selection all the way to final arguments. His presence in the courtroom was outstanding. His skillful cross-examination of a less-then-truthful police officer forced the Judge to chastise the district attorney in chambers. Frustrated by this, the district attorney was forced to concede during final arguments that I wasn't a drug dealer and that I had a legitimate reason for using cannabis. Thanks to Mr. Walz, I was found not guilty on the most serious charge of intent to sell and I received the absolute minimum punishment on the lesser counts. The judge was so impressed by the way my case was presented that he practically apologized during sentencing. During my probation, Mr. Walz has continued to offer support and guidance.

"To say that I am satisfied with Mr. Walz's representation of me during this ordeal does not do adequate justice to him his efforts. He has no equal in this area of law. Mr. Walz is the best! He's a person I not only consider an outstanding attorney, but also a cherished friend."

Sincerely, Bill Priest Mesa, Arizona

"Michael Walz took control of what I felt was a hopeless situation and won my case."

"Approximately a year ago a package was sent to me containing several exotic strains of herb. The person who sent it to me did not package it correctly, so its contents was easily detected. As a result, I was visited by the police, who informed me that they could search my house by probable cause. The two officers seized about two pounds, several hundred dollars which they claimed was drug money, a scale, my date book, and various other items they claimed were drug related.

"I know that I could be looking at jail time if my case wasn't taken care of correctly. so I borrowed money from my mom to hire a defense lawyer. I went to a firm whose ads are prominently shown on late night TV, and claimed to specialize in criminal law. Several weeks after hiring this firm, I felt nearly abandoned. Phone calls weren't returned, court dates forgotten. I got the distinct feeling that my case and I were very unimportant to my attorney. And to top it all off, I was being charged nearly $10,000.

"Because I felt dissatisfied, I went to see Michael Walz, an attorney I read about in a local paper. I couldn't believe how different he was from my first attorney. He listened to me, answered all my questions, and above all he gave me hope. He insisted that my case was not a lost cause; in fact, he said it was winnable. He made me and my case a priority!

"He told me that police officers entered my house illegally and that due to that the charges were dismissed. All I had to do was testify in court for about 10 minutes. I told the truth on the stand and the case was dismissed. Michael Walz took control of what I felt was a hopeless situation and won my case.


"I've been able to get on with my life"

"In the fall of 1998, I found my self in dire need of legal assistance. I desperately needed the services of an experienced attorney versed in the representation of clients charged with possession of marijuana.

"After making some inquiries, I was referred to Michael Walz. I was told that Mr. Walz specialized in my particular type of cases and had successfully defended many, many clients facing similar types of charges.

"We arranged an initial consultation during which I attempted to explain the facts surrounding the dilemma in which I had become involved. Mr. Walz was thoroughly professional in his initial dealings with me and very early in our discussion put me at ease and began to allay the panic that I was experiencing. He asked the difficult questions that needed to be asked at that early stage in a friendly but direct manner. He agreed to take my case, and I went away from that initial meeting feeling relieved and confident that I had retained the best counsel available for my type of case.

"As matters moved forward, he began to formulate a theory of defense. Mr. Walz and I met thereafter on numerous occasions to discuss developments. At each step of the way he explained those developments in terms a layman such as myself could easily understand. He continued to help me keep matters in the proper perspective without ever being unrealistic about all the possible outcomes of my cases.

"Throughout our association, I felt that Mr. Walz believed in me and continually did his utmost to resolve a case that would have caused severe damage to my personal and professional life. In the end, the matter was settled in the best possible way, and since that time I have been able to get on with my life and career.

"I would strongly urge anyone in similar straits to seek the counsel of Michael Walz. His skills, expertise, and humanity are in my opinion without equal."

A grateful client,


I slept well that night.

I was at my job when I received a call from the police that my residence had been broken into. The perpetrator had been caught and they needed me at home as soon as possible. When I arrived at my house I was met by four policemen who promptly read me my Miranda rights. It seems a burglar had found a small amount of some green leafy substance in my abode, and this was much more interesting to the officers than a mere burglar. As a result the burglar was turned loose and I became the criminal. I naively believed that law enforcement officers were honest and I let them trick me into incriminating myself and even supplying with evidence.

A friend insisted that I meet with Michael Walz who believes that privacy is one's right and one should not be treated as a criminal for exercising that right. Within a few minutes talking to Mr. Walz I was completely put at ease and filled with hope, for his manner was calming and confidence-inspiring. He skillfully pointed out the inequities and falsehoods in the prosecutor's letters and the police reports without ever mentioning the dumb mistakes I had made, further convincing me that my interests were on his agenda. I slept well that night.

Because of Michael my case never made it to trial. Instead of paying money to the government to be treated as a criminal, I paid an attorney who treated me as an American citizen wronged by an out-of-control policy. Everyone who resists this policy knows to be careful, but as in my case accident happen. So it is imperative to know that there is an attorney who can minimize the effects of such 'accidents'. Such a man is Michael Walz and I recommend him to any and all without reservation.


Find a lawyer and demand your rights.

"This is just a note to thank you for the work you did for us. I tried attorney after attorney to find someone who would defend me, and as you know, there is not one in a thousand who would do this as you did.

"Every other attorney said that because I basically waived my rights by signing the right to search document and then waived my right to the urine analysis, that I should just give up and spend the time and pay the fine and take my punishment and get on with my life. You did not take those things as all that detrimental. You perceived them as an interesting a case and a challenge.

A note to those who might read this on the net! NEVER SAY ANYTHING, SIGN ANYTHING, ADMIT TO ANYTHING, EVEN IN JEST. Find a lawyer and demand your rights."


Apache Junction

My attorney discovered a point of law ...

A very serious auto accident caused me sever traumatic brain injury of a permanent nature. Pharmaceutical drugs were exceptionally harsh physically, and their benefits negligible.

On the advice of friends, I sought relief from chronic headaches, insomnia, dizziness, and nightmares by smoking cannabis. It worked better than I could have hoped. Cannabis virtually eliminated my distress from my injuries. For almost twenty years I lived a semblance of a normal life. My self-treatment for permanent T.B.I was effective.

In 1999 I was pulled over by the D.P.S. for a minor traffic offense for which I was never charged. The officer claimed to smell cannabis and arrested me. I was charged with possession of two grams of marijuana which they designated a felony; driving under the influence; and having the oxidized remnant of THC in my blood.

My attorney Michael Walz discovered a point of law that, our perception, showed my use for medical marijuana was, in fact, legal. It took them three tries but, in spite of a cogent, compelling defense, I was convicted of possession and bad blood. I was found not guilty of D.U.I.

Although I was acquitted of D.U.I., my DMV report lists me convicted of driving under the influence of drugs. Nothing changes it for five years, by statute, apparently that is the way it shows on the record even though it is not accurate.

I'm still afraid of the police. It's better, I think, I remain known to Mike, period. The ordeal the law forced upon me and my family for almost four years because of the medical use of cannabis should speak to my paranoia.

I know Michael Walz to be a well-informed, forceful, innovative legal muscleman. He truly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and saved me from jail.


Dear W Michael Walz, I just wanted to write you a letter to thank you and your assistant Netta, thanks Netta for all the extra help... Every thing you guys have done for me has saved me from the future hassle of police... If it wasn't for you I would have a warrant forever, I would of had a hard time without you. Thank you! I am so relieved. :) :) :) :)

Molakai W.