W. Michael Walz, P.C. - Pot Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ
W. Michael Walz, P.C. - Pot Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes you different from other Lawyers?

Because I focus my practice on marijuana cases and have for many years, I am experienced in every type of case from simple possession to cultivation and transportation of large quantities for sale. But beyond the experience, I have the proper attitude and attitude is the most important quality for a successful lawyer. My clients, without exception, are good people who do not deserve to be punished for what they might have done regarding marijuana. No one deserves to be jailed for marijuana regadless of the circumstances or how many times they have done it. Personal beliefs of lawyers is important but few lawyers will acknowledge that. Unfotunately too many lawyers are most concerned with how much money they make.

Why should I call Potlawyer?

I don't charge for phone calls and you can get a feel for whether I am the type of lawyer you are looking for.

Does it matter whether I am guilty?

Not to me. I never ask that question of a client and it's not my job to determine guilt. It's my job to help the client regardless of the circumstances. However it is usually easier to get the case dismissed if the client is innocent.

How much do you charge to be my lawyer?

It depends on the seriousness of the charges and the location of the court proceedings. For representation at the Maricopa County Superior Court I have charged as little as $2,000. On the other hand, a larger fee is required for transportation of large quantities if I must travel. My fees are flexible and I believe very competitive with other good lawyers in Arizona.

Can you represent me if I am charged in a state other than Arizona?

Some of my most successful cases were done out of state. I usually associate with another lawyer in the location but believe my experience, knowledge and attitude can make the difference. Sometimes I merely help the client find a good lawyer in that geographic area.

Suppose I hire you as my lawyer and then change my mind, can I get my money back?

Yes, I will refund your money if you decide that you no longer want me as your lawyer. This has been my policy for over 30 years I have practiced law and only one person has requested a return of her money.

Do you have a payment program for your clients?

Usually I require the entire amount of my fee to be paid before I will begin representation. In larger cases, where the client must sell property, I occassionally make exceptions.

How much pot do i have to have on or with me to get a charge for intent to sell?

There is no established weight that determines whether you could be charged with intent to sell, but obviously the more pot you have, the less likely it is to have it for mere personal possession. The police often use weight, packaging, presence of scales, large amounts of cash, ledgers and statements of the defendant to make the determination of whether the marijuana is intended for sale.

How many successes do you have in posession cases? In intent to sell cases?

If you mean by "successes" whether the client was happy with the result -- almost all my clients are happy with the result. A few have gone to prison despite my best efforts so I am not guaranteeing success in any particular case. At the beginning of the case we usually set a realistic objective to be accomplished. If we accomplish that objective then the client is happy and I am happy. I've had many cases dismissed and won many trials.

Many lawyers call themselves "aggressive" in their advertising, Are you aggressive?

I prefer to think of myself as professional, courteous knowledgeable and experienced. I expend considerable effort to be respectful to the Judge and prosecutor. I am polite but firm. My insistence on a particular result might be considered very aggressive but I come across as a reasonable, nice person.

Do you represent informants or "snitches" ?

If it is your intention to weasel out of your predicament by placing someone else in your place, I am not the lawyer for you. There are lawyers who do that type of work, but I am not one of them.

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